Be Well On Purpose

By bringing Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine & Functional Endocannabinology into the forefront of contemporary medicine, AC Clinics teaches patients how to Be Well On Purpose™ through optimizing the benefits of holistic, inclusive care.


Welcome to the American Cannabinoid Clinics, offering telehealth and in-office visits. We're so glad you're here to learn more about cannabinoid medicine in your pursuit to be well.

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American Cannabinoid Clinics Care is Personalized

The mission at the AC Clinics is to deliver patient-centered, integrative cannabinoid care to every patient looking for a personalized approach to addressing their health and healing. We believe that personalization is critically important to getting and staying well. This is rooted in the understanding that every person has an endocannabinoid system with a unique endocannabinoid tone, and that chronic disease is a consequence of endocannabinoid system dysfunction.

AC Clinics was created to provide patients with direct access to providers who are not only extensively knowledgeable in cannabis therapeutics the endocannabinoid system, but compassionate in their approach and commitment to helping patients in their pursuits of achieving optimal wellness through cannabinoid therapies and other natural lifestyle modalities. To fulfill this commitment, AC Clinics integrates cannabinoid medicine into an evidence-based, lifestyle and functional medicine approach to endocannabinoid system care, coining this beautiful merger as the practice of Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine and Functional Endocannabinology.

Medical Cannabis Cards

AC Clinics is a trusted resource for patients seeking access to medical cannabis. We evaluate and authorize the use of cannabis in accordance with state regulations and to the standards of accepted clinical care.

AC Clinics offers evaluations for medical cannabis cards and authorizations to patients in California, Oregon, and Washington States.


AC Clinics offers worldwide, comprehensive telehealth consultations in the combined areas of cannabis and cannabinoid therapeutics, nutritional and supplemental modalities, and cannabimimetic lifestyle practices.

Let us teach you about our innovative and personalized approach to medical care.

  • What does endocannabinoid system dysfunction have to do with your health or disease?

  • Is cannabis or cannabinoid therapy right for you?