Dr. David Knox


Dr. David Knox is a graduate of the University of Washington and University of Washington School of Medicine. After 40 years of clinical experience in Emergency Medicine, he has expanded his expertise to include Endocannabinology™ and Cannabinoid Medicine.

Dr. David notes the degree of results cannabis has had on a variety of maladies, but perhaps none more common than chronic pain, a condition which plagues Emergency Rooms nationwide. He has seen thousands of patients who have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate their need for opiates for chronic pain. This alone was the eye opening factor in looking at Cannabis as the medicine it truly is, and led to further study into Cannabis, the science of the ECS, and application to patient care.

Dr. David is a proponent of the continued clinical study and scientific advance of cannabis for its use in emergent, acute and chronic care management. Contrary to the mantra of conventional medicine, that there is not enough research to approve the use of Cannabis, there are thousands of published papers on the science of the ECS and Cannabis pharmacology, as well as thousands of patients who have benefited from their use of Cannabis. As numerous studies showing the risk profile of Cannabis to be better - that is, safer - than most pharmaceuticals on the market, there should be no roadblocks to the use Cannabis and thus allowing the further studies of Cannabis to substantiate therapeutic effect.

Dr. David is a co-founder of The American Cannabinoid Clinics, ADVENT Academy, and Doctors Knox, Inc.